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Hippity Hop Rabbit Glasses

Hippity Hop Rabbit Glasses

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Perfect for your Easter table - our black rabbit drinking glass. Unlike the other drinking glasses, our rabbit drinking glass is available individually and not as a set. So you can combine them however you like and receive each glass in a separate gift box. Discover our wonderful cylindrical drinking glass with black print on the glass wall and a simple owl cut engraving in the bottom. This glass is decorated with a wonderful rabbit allover design - it creates an Easter and spring atmosphere. Simply a very special eye-catcher in your kitchen - whether as a water glass, cocktail glass, dessert glass or even for serving fruit, snacks or cereal! Our glasses can be used in a variety of ways! Our drinking glasses are very thin-walled and therefore super light yet extremely stable and stackable. That is exactly what makes them so special in combination with the minimalistic design


  • Glass


  • 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm

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